Helping Investors Invest In Themselves

Sometimes, the hardest part is to start. That’s what we found when fewer first-time traders were opening accounts with CommSec.

They were being held back by two fears: not knowing what to do and fear of “making a hash of it”. CommSec’s platform was seen as technical and complex – not a place for the novice.

Confidence comes with practice. So we gave our first-time investors a series of ‘Mentor in a Minute’ video tutorials to help them build their knowledge and skills.

Nearly 200,000 new investors visited the website, with an average dwell time of 11 minutes.

  • 30%

    of uniques users returned within
    the day
  • 2

    Video views
“Invest in yourself” mobile website
What are stocks and shares?
“What are stocks and shares?”
Tips for Beginners
“Tips for Beginners”