“Hiring Gen Z, It’s a No Brainer!”

“Hiring Gen Z, It’s a No Brainer!”

Camilla Munro, Account Executive – 7th November 2019

The next generation of rising stars will add value to your business in ways you couldn’t imagine. LIDA’s Camilla Munro explains why hiring Gen Z is a smart move.

Lacking strong work ethic, the ‘Me’ Gen or tech obsessed – there are plenty of labels floating around about the character of Gen Z.

But while there’ll always be doubters, I’d like to set the story straight on the value Gen Z-ers can add to your organisation and why you should hire us as the rising stars of the future.

Camilla Munro Account Executive

This year, I completed a business degree at the University of Technology and commenced my first full time role as an account executive at CX agency LIDA. So, as a member of Gen Z and a new full-time employee, let me enlighten you on what really drives the youngest members of the workforce.

People before tech

Surprisingly, it’s not all the available tech that interests me – it’s working with people I love and luckily LIDA is just the place for this. After all, if you’re working a 9-5-ish job, five days a week, you’re likely to spend more waking hours with your work-mates, than your family, flatmate or partner.

As a first-time, full-time employee, getting to know new faces can be overwhelming. However, establishing a strong relationship with my manager and supportive colleagues is something I value over anything else. Every day, my team makes the time to explain ways of working that can’t be learnt through a Google search. They’re patient with my mistakes and constant questions.

It’s not just my opinion either. Generational expert Ryan Jenkins found that 72 per cent of Gen Z – despite being the first fully digital generation – crave the ‘human element’. They want to communicate face-to-face at work.

Lazily placed in a box with smartphones and social media, Gen Z is a generation that values quite the opposite. That said, having grown up in a digital age, our communication via technology will allow your business to function at its peak. But don’t discount our full range of communication skills – they will be integral to your team’s development, company culture, employee engagement and innovative thought.

Hard work? Bring it

Research also tells us that 77 per cent of Gen Z say they expect to work harder than previous generations which truly challenges perceptions.

Thanks to our parents who rebelled against the ‘helicopter’ stereotype, we’ve been well schooled in the value of independence. We’re entrepreneurial, ambitious and not afraid to work hard to reach our goals.

And that doesn’t stop with the job. We believe that more education leads to more opportunities. Topping off your tertiary education with a master’s degree, tackling a training course, or simply listening to a guest speaker at work will improve our job marketability and increase qualifications. Education lets us embark on the journey of personal development, allowing us to develop interests and confidence in all facets of life.

And, of course, this work ethic and hunger for education has benefits for you opening up windows of opportunity for your business and boosting overall employee productivity.

More inclusive, more open minded

Race, religion, sexual orientation and gender were biases experienced by previous generations. But not Gen Z. Growing up in a diverse, inclusive world is all we’ve ever known. And for us open-minded Gen Z-ers, inclusive leaders are crucial.

When everyone feels included, morale escalates, an environment of ingenuity is produced, and a wealth of diverse knowledge enters the meeting room. Everyone has to start somewhere, and for us inexperienced newcomers having our input listened to and considered, despite our age, induces a sense of belonging.

As this industry continues to strive to be more inclusive, having Gen Z at the table will go a long way. Always willing to accept others and consider new ideas, our open-minded nature will rub off on every team member. We will sow the seeds for change in your business, provoke a sense of energy and liveliness and further challenge your thinking by recognising everyone’s viewpoints.

I encourage employers to embrace Gen Z. Be inspired by the way we think and the way we do things. Your horizons and knowledge will be broadened, as you realise we have a key role to play. And when you do make that hire, it’s important to cultivate an engaging workplace that encourages inclusiveness and positivity to get the most out of us.

I strongly believe Gen Z is set to transform the future workplace, so look out, here we come!

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